Counter Strike 2 - The Update to CSGO

Latest CSGO Update: Everything to Know About Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) & Source 2 | Summer 2023 Release

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Stay updated on the latest CSGO update - Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). Discover the Source 2 engine, beta access, gameplay improvements, and more. Set to release in Summer 2023.




Counter Strike 2


Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), the much-anticipated update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), has been a major talking point in the gaming world for quite some time. Rumors about a new and improved version of CSGO running on the Source 2 engine have been circulating online, and Valve finally confirmed its existence in March 2023.

The Big Reveal: Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) and Source 2

The full Counter-Strike 2 release date is set for Summer 2023, and it will be rolled out as a free update for all existing CS:GO players. A select group of players are already experiencing the thrill of Counter-Strike 2, thanks to the limited test beta that has been live since March 2023. This beta phase is expected to last until the full release in the summer.

What to Expect from the CSGO Source 2 Update

Here's a sneak peek into what Counter-Strike 2 brings to the table:

Official Release Date

The confirmed Counter-Strike 2 release date is Summer 2023, as stated by the game's developer, Valve.

Beta Access

For those eager to participate in the beta version of Counter-Strike 2, you will have to wait for an invite. You will see if you have access as you will receive a message when you open CSGO.

Gameplay Updates in Counter-Strike Source 2

The CSGO Source 2 update promises a host of enhancements to the gameplay, including:

  • Sub-tick updates, removing the relevance of tick rate for moving and shooting.
  • New and improved lighting and rendering.
  • Reimagined versions of beloved maps such as Italy, Overpass, and Zoo.
  • Dynamic smoke grenades capable of filling spaces and creating volumetric 3D blooms.

Counter-Strike 2: The Journey So Far

Reports suggest that Counter-Strike 2 has been a major focus for Valve and has been in development for a considerable time. This focus may account for some existing bugs in CS:GO that have yet to be addressed.

The Future of CSGO: Counter-Strike 2 (CS2)

Counter-Strike 2 is gearing up to be a game-changing update for the Counter-Strike franchise. With its new Source 2 engine, upgraded graphics, and numerous gameplay advancements, it is set to wow the series' fanbase.

The full release date is still a few months off, but if you're eager to get a taste of the action, you might be one of the lucky players to gain access to the limited access beta. Hold tight for what's set to be an exciting summer for CSGO!