G2 M0NESY at the Final Blast CSGO Major

CSGO Prodigy m0NESY on G2 Esports and Future with NAVI | Counter-Strike Insights

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"Ilya 'm0NESY' Osipov, G2 Esports' rising star in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), shares his aspirations to play for NAVI, discusses G2's evolution and his admiration for FalleN. Read on for exclusive insights.



G2's m0NESY Opens Up: "I Aspire to Play for NAVI"

G2 Esports' Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov revealed that he would like to play for NAVI in the future. In an exclusive interview with BLAST Overtime at the Paris Major 2023, this CSGO prodigy also expressed admiration for FalleN and gave insights into G2's evolution over the past year.

G2's Transformation: The Impact of Aleksib

"Last year I was learning a lot, I wasn't that confident," Osipov confessed. In the Antwerp game against FURIA, G2 experienced a tough loss that led to significant introspection and growth. Osipov elaborates on the resulting changes, noting, "Our team has changed completely. Now we are confident, we are in our comfort zone with communication and everything."

Will m0NESY Return to NAVI?

"I would like to play for NAVI," Osipov shared. "Just because I love the organization, but not now. Maybe in the future. We'll see." He refrains from making any definitive statements about his future with NAVI, keeping fans in suspense.

m0NESY's Role Models: FalleN and B1T

Osipov also revealed his admiration for FalleN and expressed a desire to play with B1T, his best friend, in the future. These connections highlight m0NESY's deep roots in the Counter-Strike community.

M0NESY: Record-Holder for Most Expensive Stickers at BLAST Paris Major

Before joining G2 Esports, m0NESY played for the NAVI Junior academy team alongside Valerij "B1T" Vakhovskij. Interestingly, m0NESY holds the record for the most expensive stickers for the BLAST Paris Major — even outdoing S1mple's sticker.

G2's Performance at the BLAST Paris Major: A Brief Overview

G2 went 1-3 at the BLAST Paris Major's Legends Stage after losing 1-2 in the BO3 series against Fnatic. This section covers the team's performance in this prestigious Counter-Strike event.