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Lost against Monte
Lost against MOUZ
Lost against BIG
Won against Rooster
Lost against ENCE


CS:S Fallback Image BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023
CS:S Fallback Image BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022
CS:S Fallback Image Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022
CS:S Fallback Image ESL Pro League Season 13
CS:S Fallback Image DreamHack Open Fall 2020
CS:S Fallback Image ESL One Cologne 2020 Europe

Heroic Counter-Strike Stats


Maps Played33
Matches Played14
Map Win %54.55
Matches Win %57.14
Heroic average team stats per map played.
Rounds Played27.87
HS %47.00%
Time of Death00:53:41

Latest Maps

vs. Montede_overpass20 - 22
vs. Montede_mirage16 - 10
vs. Montede_ancient16 - 10
vs. MOUZde_nuke10 - 16
vs. MOUZde_mirage8 - 16
vs. BIGde_inferno13 - 16
vs. BIGde_ancient23 - 25
vs. Roosterde_mirage16 - 4
vs. Roosterde_inferno16 - 2
vs. ENCEde_nuke20 - 22
vs. ENCEde_overpass5 - 16
vs. GamerLegionde_overpass7 - 16

Pistol Win %



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Heroic Bio

Heroic are a professional Counter-Strike team that represents Denmark. Learn more about how Heroic play CS2 here!

Heroic Tournaments

Heroic have won 6 trophies in the Counter-Strike video game series CSGO & CS2.

Heroic CS2 Players

Heroic, an organisation CS:GO and now CS2, boasts a lineup of: cadiaN, stavn, jabbi, sjuush, & TeSeS. Each player contributes to the Heroic's success in Counter-Strike.

Heroic Stats

Discover Heroic's CS2 journey as they attempt to rise to the top with Heroic Stats. Our site offers key insights and analytics, highlighting the teams strengths and weaknesses. Ideal for fans and aspiring players, dive into the stats that define Heroic