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Unmasking CSGORoll: CSGOEmpire's Accusations of Exploitative Practices in Counter-Strike Gambling

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Dive into CSGOEmpire's allegations against CSGORoll and learn about the potential dangers lurking in the Counter-Strike (CSGO) gambling industry. Join the conversation about ethical practices and industry transparency.



As a prominent figure in the CSGO gambling scene, CSGOEmpire recently leveled serious allegations against CSGORoll, a competitor. The owner of CSGOEmpire, known as 'Monarch', has accused CSGORoll of predatory and exploitative practices that harm their customers.

CSGORoll's Alleged Deceptive Practices

According to CSGOEmpire, CSGORoll leverages several deceptive tactics to exploit unsuspecting customers. The practices reportedly include:

  • Fund Restrictions: CSGORoll allegedly locks funds on the platform, requiring customers to deposit a minimum of $100 before they can withdraw any winnings. This tactic can be a major obstacle, particularly for newcomers to CSGO gambling or those placing small wagers.
  • Chat Limitations: CSGORoll is said to restrict chat access to players who deposit over 10,000 coins, making it challenging for new players to seek advice from experienced users.
  • Misleading Advertising: CSGORoll purportedly uses deceptive language to present its casino as a trading marketplace.
  • Influencer Marketing: CSGORoll reportedly used a then 17-year old Russian CSGO superstar m0nesy to record a promo for the gambling site.

CSGOEmpire Reveals Evidence of CSGORoll's Predatory Practices

CSGOEmpire has offered proof to back up its allegations, demonstrating a severe lack of liquidity on CSGORoll's P2P trading platform, contradicting its claim of being the largest P2P Skins Marketplace.

Twitter Users Complaining About CSGORoll's Marketplace

Further, CSGORoll allegedly places a withdrawal lock on users who win over 1,000 coins, requiring manual approval from support. This practice has resulted in numerous instances of blocked withdrawals, leading to substantial customer losses.

CSGORoll users unable to withdraw their CSGO Skins

The Impact of CSGORoll's Practices on the CSGO Community

These practices collectively result in users' funds being trapped on the platform, often leading to excessive gambling. CSGORoll's tactics, coupled with avoiding regulations by denying being a gambling site, have allowed them to accept US customers despite unregulated casinos being prohibited in the US.

CSGORoll Support Staff Claing CSGORoll is not a gambling website

The Call for Ethical Practices in the CSGO Skin Gambling Industry

The allegations by CSGOEmpire underscore the need for ethical and transparent practices within the CSGO gambling industry. As operators face growing scrutiny, prioritizing customer safety and industry integrity is crucial.

For more details, read the full post from CSGOEmpire's 'Monarch' here: Call For Change — An open letter to the CSGO skin community